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Yoga Therapy For Children With Autism And Special Needs

Yoga Therapy For Children With Autism And Special Needs

Are you a parent that has exhausted all resources and looking for ways to help your child’s specific needs? Yoga has become a phenomenal practice in helping children for many reasons. Studies show that when a child does yoga, it sends a signal from the brain to the body to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System response, which is responsible for calming the heart rate and in return helps them feel less anxious. Just like adults, children may feel sensory overload, which causes more stress to the body resulting in specific behavioral problems such as aggression, lack of focus, and at times even loss of total control. As parents, we often view this as “temper tantrum”, and we lack to consider the importance of our child’s thoughts and feelings. By regularly having our child do yoga, they will start to learn how to calm down with breathing techniques, become more in tuned and aware of their body in order to control their body, and most importantly reduce stress, therefore begin to show signs of improvement.

Some noticeable signs:

  • Increased social communication skills, cognitive skills, increased ability to make eye contact and sit still for longer periods of time
  • Calming their bodies and relieving the anxiety and tension supports a better night sleep, digestion, mood and overall health and well-being
  • A reduction in challenging behaviors are seen after just 16 weeks of yoga poses and breathing help children develop self-regulation and coping with sensory integration difficulties.
  • A positive sense of self is gained when self confidence and self-esteem is built when the poses and balancing all can be adapted to help the child feel successful

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